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Origyn Web Browser is a web browser designed for CE devices such as mobile phones, portable media players, Set Top Boxes and TV decoders, and any other consumer electronic product (GPS, home-gateways, Web-radios, PVR, DVD recorders, wireless devices etc.)

AROS port of Origyn Web Browser is a Zune-based application created by Stanislaw Szymczyk as one of the requirements of "Port an Open Source Browser To AROS" bounty. It's using OWB encapsulated in a Zune class as a rendering engine.


The AROS port extends default OWB in numerous ways, most important are:



When running OWB from a Shell you can specify an URL to open in argument.

During the first run OWB is generating a font cache. This process may take some time, but it's done only once. Generated cache is stored in fonts/cache directory.


To manage tabs use context menu (right mouse button) in the tabs section.

To download a file use link context menu (right mouse button) and choose "Download Linked File".

To access files located on disk use paths in the following form: file:///System:S/Startup-Sequence

To bookmark a tab use tab's context menu.

Bookmark menu is present in the URL string input context menu.

To open a link in a background tab use middle mouse button.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts are implemented:


Bookmarks Bookmarks, opens the bookmark manager.

Find Text Find, search for text inside the current page.

Download Manager Download, opens the download manager which shows the status of downloads and a allows you to cancel downloads and clear completed downloads.

Preferences Preferences, allows you to configure various parts of OWB.

Detailed Manual

For a more detailed information about OWB usage download this OWB manual created by Nikolaos Tomatsidis



Navigation Buttons created by Nikolaos Tomatsidis

Latest Release:


Read more about Origyn Web Browser for AROS at the author's OWB project page.

Visit AROS OWB bug-tracker to report bugs and request new features.

Visit Sand-Labs for more information about OWB.

Visit power2people for more information about the browser bounty.

Visit AROS user docs and AROS Wiki for more information about setting up networking in AROS.